“Self, Identity and Healing Practices” by Sangeetha Menon, Meera Kumar Menon and Sukanya G.

Meera Kumar Menon – Healing is often a process that revolves around a ‘person’, ‘patient’, ‘victim’ or ‘self’. Contextualizing this self in relation to the life one leads, seems quintessential for peaceful existence and coexistence.  Language is pivotal in the definition and communication of illnesses and healing, and its nuances need to be carefully examined. The associations between language, narratives, meaning, self and healing will be discussed in the context of logo therapy and its relevance in modern psychological treatment as well as its undercurrents in indigenous Mantravada practices.

Sangeetha Menon – What are the basic philosophical and psychological concepts that are embedded in the phenomenon of “healing” and how they are interrelated to give rise to “healing experience”. Is “healing” primarily a psychological goal or a philosophical paradigm? If so what are the connections between “healing”, “self-transformation” and “transcendence”.

Sukanya G – There are 36 (2011 census data) Scheduled tribal communities residing in different parts of Kerala. Almost all these tribal groups have developed their own traditional systems of medicines along with some magico-religious practices for healing various diseases.  The herbs are collected from their surroundings. These indigenous knowledge about medicinal and magico-rituals are always transmitted orally through generations. Most of the community have one Medicine man who is expert in the field of curing diseases and herbal     therapy are the two main component of ethno medicine of tribal communities.

Disclaimer – The Opinions Endorsed by the speaker is solely his and not in any way endorsed by the organizers.


Abstract Excerpt from “The Reading Glass” CSP thematic discussion  on 27 September 2019, by Prof. Sangeetha Menon, Meera Kumar Menon and Sukanya G.

Disclaimer: The opinions endorsed by the speaker is solely his and not in any way endorsed by the organisers.